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Remember growing old is compulsory, growing up is an option.


These words are from Trevor, they warm my heart.

"Hi All. 

Happy New year to everyone. 

I am excited on hearing of this long overdue reunion. Bring it on guys! Let's get it on!

I recognise many names from the current list of email addresses put forward by Clem. Great initiative Clem and Terry . Forty years have gone by and many of us are still standing so let's use this time and space to celebrate  life.

Going forward, I can't help with email addresses but count me in. Keep me posted and remember please, give me advance notice because like Clem, I am still doing my restaurant/catering business.

Best wishes Trevor "

Just think if we hold the reunion in England, Trev can cater for free.  The best roti in all of Europe. LOL.



I contacted Terry via Facebook asking him if he thinks anyone will be interested in getting together for a reunion.  Lazy ass Terry as usual took days to respond - in the mean time Dorma contacted me and we had a long chat about it.  The bottom line is we decided that we are going to give this a shot.  We will try to contact whoever we can.  I have to go through my old computers to find the old email addresses I had from our last one.  The only thing is I am still very busy with shipping, so Dorma and Angela Z volunteered to collect email addresses- generally do the connections -and pass them on to me - the role that Maureen (may she rest in power) played.   Angela will be collecting from those abroad and Dorma will contact those close to home.  We are grateful that they volunteered to do this. 

We will have to come up with an agreement on place and time.  As I collect email info, I will be posting them here unless there is an objection.  These are some names I already have, some emails are missing.  Please send me any email of anyone that you think will be interested, even it they were not in IT. 

I am using a page from my website as a landing page, but if anyone is has designer skills, I have a couple domains that can be used.

Lets do this, life is short.

Hint Hint: Kundwami Applewhite runs a catering service

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