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There is no fool proof way to pack a barrel, but with a little care the risk of breakage can be minimized.


1) If possible, pack in garage. NEVER, EVER pack in basement.


2) Aim to stay under 200 lbs with a regular barrel; truckers are most

likely to let a barrel fall in moving if it is over 200 lbs.


3) All fragile goods should be wrapped several times; use old clothing’s, towels, sheets anything that can be reused at the destination.


4) Barrels should be tightly packed, so that contents can’t move around; use kitchen towels, paper napkins, toilet paper, to squish things.


5) Try to keep something soft between hard things, e.g. clothes between two glass items or between a glass and a metal item.


6) Always pack soft items on the outer perimeter of the barrel, towels, paper napkins etc. at the bottom, sides and top of the barrel.


7) Ensure what is at the top of the barrel is squish-able, in case you have to sit on it.


8) If you can’t close the barrel, don’t ‘fight with it, we will close it. If you break the ring, you will have to buy a whole new barrel.


9) The place for the lock must be pointing downwards, not upwards.


10) Most important; always ship with Caribbean Cargo. 780 970 2536.


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