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Shipping Information Needed

1) Name of sender

2) Address of sender, including postal code

3) Phone number(s) of sender

4) Email address of sender

1) Name of receiver

2) Address of receiver

3) Port of receiver

4) Phone number(s) of receiver. Shipment will not leave without this.

5) Email address of receiver (if available)

*A general listing of what’s being shipped. No need to list every item being shipped for example; groceries, used clothing, used tools, toys, gifts, household articles, four or five items is good enough.

Send email with the above to be cut and pasted into the official form. Caribbean Cargo will not accept responsibility for information not emailed.

Write the receiver’s name and address on the barrel or box, do not put the phone number.

There can be two receivers. Names must be spelled correctly, especially name of receiver. Currently some countries are charging $75.00 US plus a $10.00 CND office charge to change spelling.

Write the word CARIBBEAN CARGO on the barrel or box, if it is not already stamped on.

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