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BARREL QUESTIONS – Also see Barrel Packing 101

Where can I get barrels?

We supply regular barrels in Edmonton. You can also search Kijiji, or Uline or Great Western Containers.

What is the maximum weight per barrel?

The Regular Barrels (ones we supply)- are 38” x 22.5" x 22.5". You should aim to keep this under 200 lbs. Bigger barrels carry a higher weight.

Do I need to bring the barrels to you, or get them picked up at my home?

There are several ways for the shipment to leave Edmonton:

Barrels: In Edmonton

We will deliver and pick up. Barrel shipped within a week.

If you choose to take it to the Edmonton truck yard, it is shipped the same day.

Barrels: Small town Alberta.

Take your shipment to the designated truck yard in your town. This is the least expensive way.

If the truck comes to your home, Edmonton or small town, another $150.00 is added to your bill by the trucking company. The good news about this is it’s a one-time charge, so if you are shipping 1 barrel or 100 barrels, the extra charge is still $150.00.

What can I ship? The safest guideline is the one used for airline checked luggage. All or most canned stuff is safe. No explosive e.g. fireworks or firearms, if you are shipping engines, they must be drained. And you follow the guidelines of the receiving country. Countries have ever changing laws when dealing with foodstuff and agriculture, some countries have honey currently banned. You should check with the country before shipping.

How should I label the barrels? See Information needed for Shipping

Should I include a manifest of what's in the barrels? See Information needed for Shipping.


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